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We are your business partner, marketing expert, account manager and virtual assistant, all in one.

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If you are overwhelmed, overworked, lost,

or maybe you are crushing it and just need some help, we are experts at what we do and we are here to help you grow your business.

Having been a wedding photographer on the West Coast for the last 17 years, I know exactly what it takes to run a successful wedding photography business in a competitive market.

It requires wearing many different hats all at the same time. If you know the rhythm of your work and life, have mastered your photography skills and know exactly how to book the brides who love you and your style, then you can create an amazing career.

If you are rocking your business and are looking for help managing all the pieces or if you are stuck, here's how we can help:

  1. We find ideal clients for you.
  2. Consistently book new brides to fill your calendar.
  3. Help you have a steady income and time to enjoy life!

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Hi! My success all started with a little motivation and organization which is why I’m gifting you the 30-Day Marketing Calendar that I used to grow my business. Plus get all our client communication for high-end brides.

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We want to take a huge chunk of your work stress off of you, so you can

focus on things you love,

like mastering your photo/editing skills, SUPing, mountain biking, reading a good book, hanging with your fam, or whatever you fill your #metime with.

Most photographers want 20-30 weddings booked, but don’t think about how much time it actually takes to not only do the marketing to book those weddings, but to run the business and serve their clients well.

I learned pretty quickly that the amount of work hours it takes to do daily tasks, even when you’re doing them as quickly as I can do them, was too much for me.

It wasn’t until I added people to my team that I was really able to keep my business growing AND spend more quality time with my kids, doing art projects, and living my best life.

I want to see you have the success that you are looking for.

I want you to have freedom in your life both financially and with your time. 

We are here to help you, friend.

I’ve been in your shoes for over 17 years as a wedding and portrait photographer. After struggling for years to get new clients, I went on a discovery path to find why people book with one photographer vs another. This opened my eyes, forced me to adjust how I was approaching my business and marketing, and filled my calendar with ideal clients quickly. 
Then another thing happened, I struggled to keep up with the amount of work in my photography business on my own. Once I hired a team around me, I was able to not only have a highly successful photography business through two big moves, but was able to get my life back and limit the stress. 
I’ve been coaching photographers for the last 5 years on how to use my system to create their dream business, but many still have too much work to do on their own.
After photographing my last wedding in 2022, I started Taylr to help struggling photographers consistently book dream clients without doing all the work on their own, so they can focus on the art of photography and on enjoying all of life’s beautiful moments. I can’t wait to connect with you!
We joke that: We handle the biz. You handle the fun. The reality is

We can give you back the most

precious resource you have: your time 

While you focus on the fun parts of the biz and the reason you are here to begin with: the photography.

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it doesn't cost anything until you get paid.


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We partner with wedding photographers

to give you your life back.

Our goal is to take care of everything for you. Here's how:
  • We create and run all your social media advertising campaigns for Google, FB, IG, TikTok and Pinterest. (You still run your accounts and manage your feeds.)
  • Includes a Custom ShowIt Website that we will update or make new if you don’t have one and change monthly to maximize your bookings and aline with your brand
  • We handle ALL client communication with your wedding clients and inquires - including planning the engagement session and details for the wedding day
  • We handle all bookings and contracts so you don’t have to
  • We handle ALL your marketing to get qualified leads to book out your calendar
  • We test and keep your pricing updated to maximize your profits
  • Includes weekly blog posts to educate your clients and maximize SEO for 1st year, 2x a month after
  • Includes blog post creation and writing of all your sessions filled with keywords and SEO magic
  • Custom Opt-In on Website
  • Gorgeous monthly newsletters to brides and past clients
  • We design, keep updated and send out a beautiful printed and digital wedding guide to each booked bride for you
  • We design, retouch and print all wedding albums through KISS
  • We will submit your weddings to be published
  • We will manage your Google and yelp listings and get you reviews
  • We will manage your Pinterest account
  • We will provide you with a post to add to your FB business page after every wedding/session
  • +++ You’ll get a VIP email each month with ideas for Tiktok + Reels with insight on exactly how to create them. You’ll also get my tips each month on developing a skill that will push your photography and editing to the next level. 
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What we expect from you when partnering with us:

  • Enjoy your new worry free time!
  • Keep your calendar up to date
  • Provide us with requested monthly content (a few reels/TikTok videos).
  • Provide us with a questionnaire and gallery after every engagement session or wedding.
  • Manage your social media accounts (we manage the advertising part of the account, you manage the actual account and postings).
  • Optional personal blog posts about your life.

That’s it! We will handle the rest! Seriously.

Our only goal is to help push your business forward. We succeed when you succeed - literally. We don’t get paid unless we are booking you brides!
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This is for you if:

  • If free marketing like social media isn’t working for you.
  • If you are tired of pouring countless hours into your business without seeing the financial benefits.
  • If you are overworked, exhausted and you know you need help.
  • If you want to enjoy life, photography and have a steady flow of work and income.

If you said yes to any of these, then this partnership will be great for you. We limit the risk because we know what ads to run and what your brides want to click on. We also monitor the ads closely, run retargeting campaigns and amplify the free marketing to make sure your organic reach is higher and long lasting.

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Ready to learn how to run a profitable business on your own?

Laser coaching is a 1 year program where I guide you to reaching your goals through laser focused tasks.

In this online coaching program you will transform your business and learn exactly how we do this for our clients everyday. 



"After being in business for 11 years, I have purchased almost every boutique studio class and workshop. I always felt like I was doing all of the "right" things, but getting nowhere. Kellianne helped. 

No one has ever been so honest and so focused before. My brand thanks her so much! Again, I can not thank Kellianne enough for her suggestions and boutique studio mentoring. I wish I would have found her ten years ago!"

Kara P.

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Want to know about the founder of Taylr?

Hi! I’m Kellianne Jordan.
I’m super excited to share my love of marketing, beach life and finding joy through my lens.

Follow my journey through moving and starting over twice in my 17-year career as a photographer, facing autoimmune challenges and running a flourishing photography and coaching business with two wild boys:

IG: @kelliannejordanphoto