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I love Disney, a good cappuccino, and weddings! I am all about finding joy in life!

I’ve been in your shoes for over 17 years as a wedding and portrait photographer, working hard, trying all the marketing out there, struggling as well as finding a lot of success and now I’m sharing my experience and expertise.

After struggling for years to get new clients, I went on a discovery path to find why people book with one photographer vs another. This opened my eyes, forced me to adjust how I was approaching my business and marketing, and filled my calendar with ideal clients quickly. 

Then another thing happened, I struggled to keep up with the amount of work in my photography business on my own. Once I hired a team around me, I was able to not only have a highly successful photography business through two big moves, but was able to get my life back and limit the stress. 


Why are we obsessed with palm leaves? 

We thought about using olive branches or eucalyptus, but the meaning of the palm leaf perfectly represents what we are doing and how we work with our photographers:

Victory with Integrity

Want to know more about the founder of Taylr?

Hi! I’m Kellianne Jordan.
I’m super excited to share my love of marketing, beach life and finding joy through my lens.

Follow my journey through moving and starting over twice in my 17-year career as a photographer, facing autoimmune challenges and running a flourishing photography and coaching business with two wild boys:

IG: @kelliannejordanphoto

A verse that speaks to the heart of what we do: Titus 3:8

Moving in another direction...

In the summer of 2022, I got a diagnosis and now I can’t shoot for more than 4 hours at a time, which means my 8-10 hour weddings days have come to and end. When this happened, I took a step back and I looked for other problems I could solve and other people I could help.

I’ve been coaching photographers for the last 5 years on how to use my system to create their dream business, but many still have too much work to do on their own. Even when they hirer a virtual assistant, they still have to come up with the work load, the marketing plan and the tasks for the assistant and monitor the work they do. That’s on top of everything else they need to do to bring in ideal clients.

A year ago my team and I started helping take some of the tasks off their hands while I continued to coach them and help them develop stable marketing plans, but I still felt like something was missing. On our drive home from a wedding, my husband suggested we take our Done-For-You coaching package for portrait photographers which has been super successful, and do the same thing for wedding photographers. That’s when I started Taylr made marketing for wedding photographers.


After photographing my last wedding in 2022, I started Taylr to help struggling photographers consistently book dream clients without doing all the work on their own, so they can focus on the art of photography and on enjoying all of life’s beautiful moments.
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 I’ve been walking along side photographers and helping them grow their businesses, and I want to do this for you. We have a system that really works to bring in ideal clients consistently. When I implemented every piece of this system into my business, I saw immediate change. In fact I started getting higher quality leads in 30 days and booked 80% of them. That is still the case. When clients contact me, they aren’t price shopping, they are looking only to book with me. This is what I want for you too.

My goal is to come along side your business and develop a brand you love, one that brings in a consistent flow of ideal clients for you.

I call it a partnership because we are not just taking over your business and doing what we want. We are working together to develop a your brand and help your business flourish. I know that knowing what to do and doing it yourself can be stressful and take up all your time. I am super passionate about this because I’ve seen this system work and I know it can help a lot of photographers get their time back.

I created Taylr Made Marketing to help those who are overwhelmed, not booking , are unsure how to elevate their brand or who simply want their time back. 

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Since I understand the struggles of photographers, we thought getting paid only when you get paid was the right thing for all of us.

Here’s why I believe 30% makes sense for everyone…

I went through my income and bills and found that in order to get all the work done, I had to pay a virtual assistant $1200-$2000 a month and still had to monitor her and spend a ton of time working on the marketing and other aspects of running a business. It lowered the amount of time and energy I could spend at photography sessions and weddings. 

This can be incredibly frustrating to photographers to spend a bunch of money not knowing if what they are doing is even working and running out of time to live. If you were to add up the amount of time we spend on your business, it comes in well over $2500 a month and you can be confident that things are getting done right. In fact, we give you a report every month so you can monitor everything.


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