003 Podcast: Grow 3x Faster by Finding Your Niche

marketing tips podcast May 04, 2023

Find your NICHE + your purpose to grow your business 3x-5x faster and change your life!


Here's a peak at the podcast:

Let's talk about how to become an expert in your industry, get ideal clients and get booked out, all while having a bigger purpose to what you do. I'm all about laying foundations for you, so you can create your own journey. I'll talk about my journey and what I did so you can avoid the mistakes I made in the beginning and grow your business 3x-5x faster.


What if you were focused on that one niche that gave you purpose?


What if it made it so you are able to avoid the emotional burn out because you aren’t desperately trying to find photography jobs all year round.


What if finding your niche gave you the freedom to take breaks.


What if it gave you regular inquiries and income because your clients know you and know when and why to book you?


What if you were the best at what you do?


Would you actually be able to set your own schedule? Would you be able to say “No” to clients who aren’t the right fit? Would you be able to raise your prices? Yes! Yes to all those things!


What is that one thing you can focus on that gives you a bigger picture purpose? What are you trying to change in the world? What is your niche?


If you are like me and you actually have multiple things that you are excellent at shooting and that give you a bigger purpose, how do you still photograph each of them and focus your marketing?


All these questions will be answered! Find out how I set my business up for success and how you can do the same.


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