008 Consistency Means More Bookings Podcast

client communication marketing tips podcast Jun 29, 2023

What is consistency? Why is important? How do you get it?

“Consistency across every aspect of your work helps you book more because you have more time to do the work. It makes your whole flow in your business go faster and gives you time back.” - Kellianne Jordan

Consistency in your portfolio may seem hard to attain, but it is important! Did you know that if you show a niche and one artistic way of editing that you not only increase your bookings, but pricing too? We dive deep into this in this podcast all about consistently.

Here’s a peak at what I talk about in this episode…

Consistency in your portfolio is all about having the same color tones and editing throughout all of your images. How do you do this? Shoot the same at every session and wedding. Write down your camera settings, lighting rules and more so you can edit super fast and consistently.

  •  I’ll be sharing my secret lighting rules that you can follow too to get soft, beautifully lit wedding photos.
  • I also cover how consistency in your subject matter, posing, camera angles, lighting, editing and skin tones can make your ideal clients uncertain and scared to buy from you.
  •  I’ll also share how to choose a style you love that speaks to your ideal client. Plus, learn my editing rules to keep consistent every time!


“When a potential client comes to your Instagram page or your website and instantly knows what you do and how you do it, that’s when they are excited to book with you.” - Kellianne Jordan


Consistency doesn’t stop there, friend. A goal for your business should be to be consistent in your messaging, your marketing, your client communication and so much more.


“When a client knows that you do one thing really well, they think you are an expert at the exact thing that they need.” -Kellianne Jordan


Everything in your business should speak to that one ideal client so they not only connect with you, but they know how to give referrals to your business and know when they should buy a session from you.

How do you do this?

By showing authority in your field through your messaging on your website, through your portfolio, through your communication. Learn how we do this for our clients in this podcast.

I’ll cover all the images you should have in your portfolio for wedding photographers as well as how to grab the attention of new clients so they get excited to book with you right away.

What are you known for? Find out how to highlight who you are and what you do best so you speak directly to the heart of your one ideal client.

Learn how to target your messaging and how to choose the right images with the right emotion to draw people in.

How to go above and beyond to gain more consistency in your business? Client Communication and teaching your clients to trust you.

Let’s dive deep into how you can have consistency in your business to push you toward more bookings, better clients, and more revenue!


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008 Consistency Means More Bookings

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008 Consistency Means More Bookings Podcast

Jun 29, 2023

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