Streamlining and Automating Your Processes To Save Time

how to's podcast Jun 15, 2023

Streamline your processes and get work done faster. Learn 4 ways to automate your work as a photographer so you have more time to shoot.

Today we are going to cover 4 different ways to streamline your workflow as a photographer so you can get your work done faster than ever before. We will be covering systems for shooting and editing, automating client communication, using ai, how to get help and of course documenting your processes so you never forget. It’s a lot to cover and we will probably do podcasts on each of these individual subjects in the future, but it’s important to understand the big picture and how all of these work together to save you time and getting our work done faster.

How can you streamline each of these?

- Website Design and Copywriting

- Portfolio Management

- Marketing

- Automate Your Social Media

- Client Communication

- The Session

- Editing

- Delivery of Images

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