Laser Coaching with


Learn how to push your photography business to the next level with laser coaching.

Unlimited phone calls with me, Kellianne Jordan, for 1 year where I help you reach your goals. This program is a task based program designed to teach you how to perfect every step of the system that will lead you to success. 

Includes unlimited 15 minute phone calls for 1 year. 

Are you ready to change your life?

I know how hard it can be to pour your spare time, energy and money into your business and not see the results you want to see financially. It's exhausting and so frustrating!! I've been there!

I coach photographers, because I found a way out and it isn't as hard as you think. It took me years to figure out the key pieces that actually bring in more clients.

Once I figured it out everything clicked and I've had clients consistently booking since.

Fortunately all my students get that info right away so they can succeed way faster than I did!

Kara P.

"After being in business for 11 years, I have purchased almost every boutique studio class and workshop. I always felt like I was doing all of the "right" things, but getting nowhere. Kellianne suggested some things that may help. 

No one has ever been so honest and so focused before. My brand thanks her so much! 

Again, I can not thank Kellianne enough for her suggestions and boutique studio mentoring. I wish I would have found her ten years ago!"

The 12 Month One-On-One Coaching Program:

What if you were making a profit with your business and you loved every client that came to you? Imagine what your life would look like if you not only paid your bills with your photography income, but actually had extra money left over.

Your coaching call starts with an overview of your entire business. We discuss your business and lifestyle goals to make a business & marketing plan just for you! 

I help you find the road blocks - the things holding back your business from being profitable - and we fix them!! The goal is to completely revamp and energize your business so you can have the lifestyle your dream of.

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I will create a unique plan of action to reach your individual goals. Each 15 minute phone call will include a lesson plan and a task for you to complete. 

You will learn all the steps we take to create profitable businesses for our clients.

While Taylr only works with wedding photographers, I have experience in running successful wedding, branding and family portrait businesses and would love to walk you through the exact steps I took toward creating profitable businesses that I love. Coaching is not limited to wedding photographers - all photographers are welcome! 


  • Learn how to overcome your unique challenges.
  • Learn how to deal with headtrash and negative thoughts.
  • Learn how to choose the marketing path that you will most likely succeed at. 
  • Learn each step that needs to be in place, with how to do it, so your marketing works.
  • Ask any questions you have about business, marketing and life. If I don't know the answer, I will find it out for you!
  • This is your year to take charge of your business and start seeing the changes and success you've been hoping for. I've been coaching photographers for 5 years and would love to coach you too!
The plan for every photographer is different based on your immediate needs, but here is a look at what the plan typically looks like for the year:

1st Quarter


Website Optimization

Portfolio Review

Focus on Your Why/USP

Pricing Plan

Time Management Schedule

Marketing Plan Overview

2nd Quarter


Client Communication



Newsletter Writing & Marketing

FB Ad Writing

Pinterest Plan

3rd Quarter


Optimizing Opt Ins

Focus on Client Experience

Instagram/FB Plan

TikTok Plan

Other Social Networks Plan

Google Marketing Campaigns

4th Quarter


Review Studio Management

Review Pricing for Optimization

Optimizing Current Marketing

Getting Published

Review Business Plan

Create Ongoing Marketing Plan 

Turn your passion into a profit making business you love!

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This program is only open to photographers, but is not limited to wedding photographers. 

Coaching program will begin on your first call. During your first call, if either of us decide it is not a good fit, you will receive your money back.