001 Simple Steps to Deal with Imposter Syndrome + Head Trash

Roadblocks, Head Trash + Imposter Syndrome and How to Get Over Them

We are talking about imposter syndrome and head trash and how to get over them. It's easy to compare ourselves to others and start to feel like we aren't worthy. I'm here to help you see that you can be free to be who you are, to do what you love and love yourself in the process. Listen in as we discuss what Imposter Syndrome and Head Trash are and begin to break the down with simple steps to freedom.

I've been a photographer and marketing coach for 17 years and have dealt with my own imposter syndrome and head trash as I compare myself and my business to others. There was a time when comparison would stop me from being able to pursue my dreams. It wasn't until I created a system for handling my thoughts that I found freedom in my everyday life, was able to set aside my insecurities and flourish in my business by embracing who I am.

Insecurities, head trash and imposter syndrome do not have to rule our lives. There is a way out. I found a simple system to make my feelings black and white and I am here to share these with you.

I am first: a photographer, second: a marketing coach, and third: a friend. I want you to succeed and be happy doing it. If you are a photographer or entrepreneur and you want to know how to create a business that delights your soul, provides an actual income and allows you to have a happy and profitable life, then you are in the right place. Welcome, friend!

In our podcast, we will discuss everything business, life and of course, marketing since marketing is my specialty. Since starting the coaching side of my business, I have helped entrepreneurs across different industries develop websites that consistently convert sales and marketing plans that actually work and bring in dream clients.

Being a photographer and business owner is fun, but it can be stressful, so let’s break down the roadblocks and find new paths for success together. I am bringing my years of experience to you to not only help you grow your business, but to help you find balance so you can have a happy life.

Imposter Syndrome and Head Trash

Let’s start by talking about what these two things are so imposter syndrome is when you feel like you’re a phony when you don’t feel like you are a success in your own right.

Head trash is all those little voices in your head that tell you you can’t do some thing head trash is usually what leads to imposter syndrome so we’re gonna break these things down and I’m gonna teach you some tricks of how I do with them.

A big thing right now is how social media really can hurt us emotionally when we see other people succeeding and showing off their success and then we don’t feel like we’re doing as well as they are.

I know for me, I can so quickly go from feeling great about what I am doing and then I can be completely destroyed the next minute if I let myself go down that destructive path of comparison. But, let me just tell you, everyone is putting their best face on for social media. To judge yourself in a low moment against everybody’s best is just not fair. Also follower count doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that they’re making more money than you, it doesn’t mean that they’re booking out, it doesn’t even mean that they’re more popular than you, it just means they have a higher number of followers. That’s it.

It’s so easy to compare ourselves with data like that and to feel like crap about ourselves, but I want to challenge you to actually look at your life, look at who you are, and look what you are accomplishing because it might just be something amazing.

I posted a couple weeks ago about this like epiphany I had in the shower because I do a lot of my thinking in the shower. I was totally comparing myself to another photographer who has like 20,000 followers and she is doing amazing things with her business, but she started only five years ago and I started 16 years ago. I started having this crazy guilt about not doing well in my business even though the truth is that my business is great. I make good money doing photography and I’m proud of that. I teach other people how to do that too. Just because she’s doing great, doesn’t mean that I’m not doing great.

So I started thinking about it and she has done a ton in her business because her kid has actually been in school whereas mine have been home. I realized that she has truly had more work time than I have. That’s what pushed her business further than mine in some aspects. So I started to see how exciting it is for her to be successful and how I’m successful too, I’m just doing it in my own time and on my own path. And that’s OK.

That is really what I want all of you to grasp is that we can celebrate other people success and be excited for them.

It’s so much easier to feel guilt because you’re not as good as somebody else, but what if we just stopped feeling that way? What if we looked at each situation and each person and we’re just simply excited for them because…and here’s the drumroll... because whatever they are doing, you can do it too.

Isn’t that so exciting? That’s what makes it so much fun to root for other people and to cheer them on- it’s because if they can do it, you can do it too. If I can move to a new state and start my business basically from scratch and be completely booked out in two months time, you can do that too.

You can take whatever situation you are in and turn it around.

You can grow your business. You can be better at your job.

You can be free to be who you are and to do what you love.

Listen to the full podcast to hear more of my story and how I created a system to stop the negative talk and learned to daily deal with imposter syndrome and head trash to move past my insecurities and be free to live the life I want to live.