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September 2023

My secret sauce 3-step recipe:

How to find your unique perspective and your STORY.

More importantly, how can you share this with people to get them to fall in love with your work and buy a session from you?


Myths about newsletters that will change the way you think about them:

Today we are going through newsletters and talking about when and why to send them. Plus we will walk through the myths about newsletters that may change how you think about them altogether!


August 2023

Let's talk pricing strategies, packages and how to get paid more!



Today we are talking about the #hurriquake, life’s chaos and how you can manage the crazy...

to push your career and your life goals forward without drowning in the chaos.


July 2023

Find out how to use your SOCIAL MEDIA to increase your fall bookings now!


Find out what steps you need to take right now to get more bookings with your blog.



Find out what you can do today to increase your bookings for FALL sales.


June 2023

Find out how to use a newsletter to get more bookings:

  • Why you need it
  • How often to send it out
  • What to say in it and why!

It's a holiday & come to work in your PJ's day...

Let's talk about how to get seen and heard by your ideal clients through NETWORKING.